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WordPress is an open source comprehensive blogging tool, website designing platform and content management system (CMS).  WordPress is a free and extensive open source web based application solution written in PHP and uses the MySQL database platform. Since the inauguration of the platform in May 2003, the WordPress community has experience explosive growth due to the large range of features and the ease of use of the platform.   Today, many of the most popular websites are designed and implemented using the WordPress platform.  New and advanced applications are constantly being added to the WordPress solution to provide improved features and greater tools to support your website and web development needs.

WordPress as a Blogging Tool

One of the major cornerstones of the WordPress tool is the robust blogging features and tools.  The WordPress community has developed a self-hosted platform to offer a free blog with the .Wordpress extension. This allows bloggers to avoid the basic costs for hosting and subscription. Version 3 of WordPress allows the users to maintain a multi-blogging platform within the ambit of a single installation.

WordPress CMS Features and Important Applications

WordPress is one the most popular CMS development platforms for organizations and individual that do not a depth of experience building website.  WordPress is very is to use and to get started.   Users can get started by quickly installing the WordPress program and leveraging a template function and/or preinstalled plugins for their new site. WordPress does not require the in-depth knowledge of HTML and PHP as in the case Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, and others.

Themes and Templates

One benefit of WordPress is you can pick your favorite theme from the Gallery of premium and free templates. There are plenty of options no matter what type of website you want to build. If you have the urge to build the all-encompassing site with XHTML and CSS compatibility for different type of devices including mobile internet viewing, you can simply choose one from the list of astonishingly responsive theme templates.


WordPress also includes plenty of plugins, social media buttons, and innumerable widgets that you can add to your website. You can use the non-standard fields to include subpages enhanced with required labels, descriptions, categories, and other features. You can also use the menu management facilities to modify the pages and categories. WordPress also allows web developers to customize the CMS for even greater control and creativity.

The platform is convenient for the new and small business websites that can be set up with little or no investment based on their requirements and choices. You can set up your basic website virtually free of cost. With little investment, you can establish an exquisite website to launch a supreme online marketing campaign for your brand promotion.