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Our Team

There are amazing feats in this world awaiting us, but what we will remember most is with whom we accomplish them.

An organization is only as strong as its weakest members. That is why i3solutions searches for the highest quality professionals to be part of our team. And we know how to keep them as well. Many of our employees have been with us for over ten years – a testament to our commitment to providing challenging, rewarding and exciting work for all who call i3solutions home.

Problem solvers and creative thinkers

Our core competency is problem solving. Our design focused approach allows us to arrive at an appropriate solution quickly. This is because we create an easy-to-digest design, which exposes all of the issues that may have been hiding in the background all along. No two businesses, or for that matter, no two problems, are exactly alike. Therefore, in order to create a successful solution, our consultants are trained to direct their focus on collaboration, problem-solving, and your distinct culture rather than give you widgets or grids.

Our team strives to first understand the underlying problem. Once we identify and verify the cause, our team will determine the opportunities to make the most effectual change possible, then we build it. Ultimately, we save countless hours by creating solutions that put users first in order to transform the organization.

Lean and agile project management

The fact is in every project, unforeseen realities will derail you. As a result, our team uses a combination of lean and agile project management techniques to see obstacles before they arrive and eliminate the ones that sneak past the first filter. Our foresight and flexibility allow us to stay ahead of the project distractions.

By focusing our solutions on innovative UI/UX, top tier technology, and flawless business processes, our team keeps the promises we make to our clients on day one, and keeps supporting them after the project is done.