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Back in ‘97 our mushroom-colored rectangle box servers ran Windows ’95 and connected to the internet using 28.8 modems while we talked on cell phones the size of a paperback novel.

i3solutions was founded in 1997, by Scot Johnson and Michael Branson who sought to create a company that offers technical solutions for real world business problems. While there were many companies at that time that did just that, Scot and Michael committed to serve clients better. To do this, they instituted our three “i”s – intelligent, innovative and integrated, which became the heart of i3solutions’ philosophy.

Intelligent, innovative, and integrated

Intelligent solutions are those that best address the current needs of the client, as well the ability to quickly and effortlessly adapt to changing future needs. Innovative solutions do this in the most advanced manner possible, offering clients a catalyst for growth. Integrated marries the clients’ people, processes, and technologies ensuring organizational alignment and effective risk management. This practical and comprehensive approach has led us to help countless clients with issues both common and complex, and has given us a reputation for consulting excellence. For over 20 years we have served our clients well, committed to that early vision of intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions that was so core to our founding. The last two decades have brought a tsunami of technology changes that, at the time, even the most forward thinkers could not have imagined. How has i3solutions remained relevant while so many others have come and gone? Our intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions give our clients the results they need to meet their needs now and prepare them for the uncertain changes in the future. But what is it that keeps our clients coming back?

Why customers keep coming back

The answer is quite simple. It’s our integrity. Each and every engagement is an opportunity for i3solutions to make a substantial difference in the lives of our partners and clients. Our clients rely on i3solutions to provide sound and trustworthy advice on the best ways to leverage technology to improve and grow business. We never take the privilege of working on your mission critical technology lightly. At i3solutions, our core values and strategy-oriented culture have enabled our consultants to deliver meaningful results time and again, earning us the privilege to serve as THE trusted technical advisor for our clients. We specialize in the fields of Collaboration and Content, Systems Integration, Business Intelligence and Strategic Planning. Our consultants have delivered over a 700 successful solutions to our clients, including both Microsoft and IBM solutions. With each client engagement, no matter the size, our goal is to empower our clients with the tools they need to sustain continued success… long after we are gone. We help our clients leverage their unique set of assets, existing technologies, and core competencies to build reusable, scalable, and sustainable solutions. i3solutions goes beyond delivering results – we empower you to succeed.

Our mission

Our mission is to be recognized by clients, partners, and competitors as a leading provider of tailored solutions that align people, process, and technology in the areas of:

  • Portals & Collaboration
  • Machine Learning
  • Systems Integration & Data Management
  • Business Analytics & Workflow
  • Application Development
  • Creative Design