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Project Management

Stop herding cats and start taming lions!

What if there was no project management? There would be no accountability, no status reports, no schedules, no budgets… fact, no responsibility. Sounds great for a vacation. Sounds like disaster for a business.

i3solutions understands the value of project management and how critical it is for any project to be completed on time and within budget. i3solutions’ project implementation practices helps Project Managers and business leaders apply best-in-class project management methods and processes to drive performance and operational efficiency. We have extensively researched project management methodologies to create our time tested, best-in-class processes. This process, along with this skills and experience of our highly adept consultants, has led clients, big and small, to seek i3solutions’ services. Our consultants will bring this actual hands-on experience gain from successfully implementing over 800 solutions to your project.

A leader in technology project management

i3solutions has successfully delivered solutions to address real-world business priorities ranging from broad scale technology initiatives to troubled project recovery. Our successful track record has earned us the reputation as a leader in Technology Project Management. We have worked on hundreds of projects that have dramatically improved our clients’ business performance. We can do the same for you.