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Business Services

What’s the difference between a good consulting firm and bad consulting firm? Good consultants have the ability to identify the true issues facing your organization.

Many consulting firms retain subject matter experts who possess silver tongues and slick communications. This all seems worthy on the surface, and indeed, it can be important, but before the experts start spewing knowledge, they need to know one thing to be effective consultants – the actual problem. Too often, consulting firms spend countless hours and your money overanalyzing trivial details and producing reports that get you no closer to improving your business.

Instead, i3solutions focuses on accurately identifying the true problem up front to ensure that all resources are devoted to the most effective tasks. This allows our consultants to spend more time on designing and architecting the best solution and how the new solution can improve your business and optimize your processes. Our team does not want to create documents and diagrams of potential solutions that never become a reality. Instead, i3solutions strives to always construct systems that will be utilized and embraced by our Client’s users.

Whether it’s creating a tightly integrated line-of-business system, standing up a secure private cloud, or creating an engaging mobile app, i3solutions has the know-how to determine the strategic focal points up front to make sure we are aiming at the right target from the start. Let us show you how our consultants can efficiently work with your team to identify the true business issues and design solutions to turn those issues into strengths for your organization.