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Listen to what our clients have to say-check out our testimonials by industry

Financial Services 
“I want to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for i3solutions’ recent engagement.  [The i3solutions team] provided outstanding service, counsel, technical expertise and insight.  Their contributions and joint effort with [our] IT management team served to add credibility, balance and industry benchmarks to the final deliverable.  For example, the inclusion of the IT Organization Maturity model served to compare, and contrast our insurance subsidiary.  This comparison identified key weaknesses and areas for improvement that had not yet been revealed. The results were powerful as it was clear the company, at this time, could not sustain a successful systems migration. This information alone was instrumental in forging our decisions and final recommendations.  The final deliverables were comprehensive and rich with supporting details that validated our findings and plan of action.  The executive presentation was clear, concise and informative, and our CEO walked away with a complete understanding of the problem at hand.”

“This is the second time [we have] engaged i3solutions.  And once again we believe, that we receive the best value for our money each time we engage your company.  The depth and breadth of this recent assessment, and the hours and effort that went into the final deliverables was worth every penny we spent.  I also believe that [the i3solutions team] went above and beyond our expectations.  We all recognize and greatly appreciate [your team’s] efforts and expertise”.

“Solving complex problems is clearly a strength for i3solutions. In developing a multitasked, internet-based system for a new wholesale mortgage program, their project management and final product delivery proved to be highly successful. The team was able to prioritize requests from the three customers, solve separate platform issues, and create a key functional component of our business.”

Associations and Non-Profit 
“Thanks guys – you really are #1. Although our job may not be i3solutions’ biggest job ever, and certainly not your only current job – it’s HUGE to us and you’ve been great throughout — certainly making us feel as though we are your one and only focus!”

“On behalf of [our] staff, volunteers, residents, and  partners, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to i3solutions for its successful development of our on-line communication tool for teams within our mentoring partnership network. i3solutions not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them. Your staff served us as if we were both a corporate client and a community-based charitable organization. Thank you.”

“Over several companies and several projects that have spanned platform and implementation arenas, I have always been able to call i3solutions for immediate support and expertise. Whether it be for web development, large corporate development, or commercial package development, i3solutions engineers have been certified experts in their fields. I know that I can turn to them for high quality deliverables and not have to worry.”

“i3solutions is certainly innovative. They focus on ways to use technology to make people more productive in their business. i3solutions recognizes that technology – like advertising, marketing and finance – has become a viable business tool that is relevant for any business.”

“Many companies do an excellent job of selling you on their ability to meet your needs, but very few actually deliver. I continue to be impressed with your ability to deliver high quality projects on time and within budget.”

“i3solutions is an extremely talented organization with technical abilities that range from intranet applications to the palm. I’d recommend them both as a partner and on a job by job basis.”

Real Estate 
“i3solutions conducted a complete strategic review and analysis of our processes across all departments and recommended an action plan to incorporate new technologies to improve our processes. i3solutions provided us with a solution incorporating cutting edge web and wireless technologies, enabling us to provide real time services to our clients. This partnership, in the early stages, helped us improve upon our current business process; improved the image of the customer services department; and provided better and more efficient tracking of work requests.“

“My experience with i3solutions embodied two important aspects, in regard to supporting Amtrak’s objectives for building cutting edge IT solution, that help guarantee passenger satisfaction:  1. Reliability- i3solutions was quickly able to demonstrate an unparalleled amount of technical expertise in the hand-held device and wireless arenas of IT, far exceeding other firms we talked too. This quantifiable technical expertise made the decision easy to move forward with i3solutions as our go-to consulting partner for handheld applications.  2. Consistency- i3solutions became a trusted strategic advisor who focused on a long-term partnership. They repeatedly illustrated professionalism and integrity by implementing a cost effective solution to streamline and automate a key quality control process. This allowed us to move forward with a trial application in a timely fashion. We are confident we have access to the capable resources we need for nationwide roll-out of the new system.”

“Now that the project is winding down, I’d like to express my appreciation for all the hard work done by everyone at i3solutions. There is a high level of professionalism throughout your whole team.  [The] Senior Project Manager, was a pleasure to work with. His efforts in the management of the project did not go unnoticed. Everyone here at Bridges is thrilled with the way eBridges took shape and our customers are using the application furiously. We’re also excited about the future possibilities of expanding the application to provide us with a complete solution that mirrors our assessment and prescriptive parts of our main products. We look forward to continuing the wonderful relationship with i3solutions. Please keep us informed of new technologies and capabilities that you think might be of interest to Bridges LearningSystems.”

Professional Services 
“The website you designed for us is working out extremely well–in fact, just as we hoped it would. We’ve had numerous complimentary comments. Very recently, [we] sent out a strategic planning proposal to a new client, with a cover note that included our website address in the letterhead. The prospective client called back and said, “I read your website; you’re exactly the people I need to facilitate my conference. You’ve got the job!”