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Systems Integration & Data Management

“This software will solve all our problems and will be easy to integrate globally,” said no IT Director. Ever.

Life would be much simpler if organizations could run their entire business on one application. Processes would be seamless and data would be consolidated in a single location. In reality, businesses need different systems to innovate and remain competitive. Not only that, but many organizations grow by creating new divisions and through mergers and acquisitions. These strategies guarantee a variety of disparate systems that usually do not play nice together. Regardless of how you got there, your systems need to interact and share data to provide real value.

Making the impossible happen

i3solutions was founded by providing system integration services over two decades ago. Our consultants invested countless hours understanding how data systems work and perfecting how to best integrate different platforms. Today, our consultants have deep experience with most of the leading technology and data platforms available in the market. We also have a refined implementation methodology to help guide your organization through each stage of building your master data management solution. Our consultants work closely with your teams to define business needs and to review your applications to determine the best approach for merging data and integrating these systems. i3solutions has successfully implemented master data management solutions, data warehouses, reporting repositories, ETL solutions, custom integrated solutions, and much more.

i3solutions understands the ins and outs of solution integration and has been in the trenches more times than we can remember, making the impossible happen as often as possible. So relax, give us a call and get everything hooked up and running right away.