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SharePoint Cut Cost with an Unified Infrastructure

SharePoint Cut Cost with an Unified Infrastructure

Driving cost efficiencies and accomplishing more with the same resources is possible through the consolidation of business productivity solutions onto SharePoint 2013. The ability to deploy any of the integrated capabilities and new enterprise-class management tools to intranet, extranet, and Internet sites, as well as the choice of on-premises installation or hosted services, paves the way for optimizing IT resources and significantly lowering the total cost of ownership of business productivity solutions.

SharePoint 2013 offers better control over server resources, which can improve processes such as performance and management of large lists and data management and protection using high availability. A acalable services architecture allows you to effectively manage and centralize services like Search, My Sites, and Taxonomy. These services applications can be managed through Central Administration and also can be managed and scripted by Windows PowerShell. Because the architecture is extensible, third-party companies can build and add services to platform.

Platform Consolidation  
The rich set of integrated capabilities for business collaboration provided by SharePoint 2013, in addition to its enterprise-scale manageability, will enable more customers to retire niche solutions and focus new solutions on SharePoint. This will accelerate their ability to drive efficiencies, allowing IT departments to achieve more impact with the same resources.

Deployment Choice
Nowadays, It is required to support scale agility, allowing its business collaboration platform to be scaled up and out quickly, based on charging business needs. SharePoint 2013 provides IT with the flexibility of choosing whether to deploy on-premises or in the cloud., thus enhancing its ability to support any given scenario while optimizing resources and remaining relevant and efficient.

With a quick and simple installation and configuration process, SharePoint 2013 provides a flexible deployment experience. The upgrade from SharePoint 2010 is smooth and predictable. New functionality allows you to manage how others use SharePoint. For example, you can safely allow site administrators to upload custom user code with Sandboxed Solutions. You also have more governance controls; If you want to maintain a centralized SharePoint deployment instead of taking a more decentralized approach, you can block those deployments through Group Policy or track them with AD maker support.

IT Productivity 

With business collaboration and productivity becoming instrumental to success, IT departments are required to do more with no additional resources. With SharePoint 2013, roust management tools enable IT to multiply its impact and achieve a higher degree of effectiveness with the same resources.

SharePoint 2013 can help increase IT professionals’ productivity by improving the administrative experience and giving administrators deeper operation insight. Features include a new streamlined Central Administration Web Site, new capabilities to manage and monitor the SharePoint  farm and Windows PowerShell support.

Your SharePoint 2013 Call to Action 

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