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Proposal Management Solutions

When you work better to win, you win better work.

2_Non-profits_widei3solutions has spent over 18 years developing technical solutions to streamline and mature the proposal management processes for commerical and government contractor (#govCon). During this time, we have worked directly with the Sales, Business Development, Capture Management and Proposal team for a wide range of organizations in multiple industries to review their capture efforts, proposals, IDIQ task order management processes, and people. This opportunity has provided i3solutions with a wealth of knowledge and best practices for managing the proposal process and develop winning proposal. Let our Proposal Consultants join your Business Development team and bring these winning solutions and concepts to your organization.

i3solutions will support your entire Federal Government proposal and IDIQ task order management/ contract management process by pairing our robust Capture and Proposal Management with our Software Development methodologies with our deep consulting experience to give you the maximum impact between product, process and price. Key benefits include:

• Enhance visibility while promoting improved decision-making for your capture and proposal management needs.
• Minimize future technology investments, improve your internal rate of return and ensure compliance with using a SharePoint platform.
• Promote long-term strategic alignment as we integrate.
• Improve operational efficiency while controlling intellectual property.
• Protect your long-term investments and remain current.
• Re-purpose winning components of past proposals quickly and easily.
• Shorten the time to an effective RFP response.
• Easily search for and retrieve content from past successful proposals.
• Publish not only entire proposals, but also effective proposal sections from winning proposals.
• Search, preview, and import proposal content from within the proposal document, while authoring the proposal.
• Create a central location for teaming partners to work, share documents, NDAs and agreements.
• Perform color team reviews (Black hat, Green Team, Red Team, Gold Team) at the same time (Coauthoring) with your team without bringing them into the office.
• Use task lists to assign tasks and track progress – and then view your progress in a project plan/Gantt Chart layout.
• Create a centralized library for Past Performance, Resumes, Graphics/images, Boiler Plate, Submitted Proposals, Best Practices, and more…
• Use centralized locations for My Proposals, My Tasks, My Assignments, My Documents and other user or team specific information.
• Establish a 360 degree view of each and every an opportunity.
• Leverage role-based security to give you a secure environment to control access to pricing documents/volumes, reference materials, technical volumes, and other artifacts that you wish to lock down.
• Improve compliance and proposal quality submissions.
• Increase your win rate!

Looking for something more – perhaps an off-the-shelf product that uses SharePoint for Proposal Management, Sales Management, Capture Management or IDIQ Capture Management? Check out Octant and how it expanded on The Proposal Management System™ and extended the power of SharePoint into the specific needs of sales, business development, proposal management and IDIQ task order management.

For more information about Octant, please visit: to see more about their IDIQ Task Order Management, Capture Management and Proposal Management software for #GovCon.

Still looking? If you are interestied in moving beyond the ‘technical’ components of our best-of-breed proposal management solutions and need help with proposal execution, let us help you with our various capture and proposal management services.