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Data Warehousing and Reports

Our customers demand faster access to both data and tools to dynamically visualize and analyze critical metrics and trends. Our customers want to spend less time creating reports and more time GROWING THEIR BUSINESSES.

Data warehousing is designed to collect corporate information and data from internal systems as well as external sources, transforming it into the reports decision makers need. Companies store information on employees, products, customers and sales while data warehousing comprehensively analyzes information to contribute to future decision making. Simple queries of warehouse data can help executives make decisions on reducing costs or retaining employees, assist marketing teams to develop effective strategies for marketing products, and support CEOs in evaluating relevant information to make the right business decisions.

i3solutions leverages many of the leading technologies to turn data warehousing analysis into compelling and dynamic business intelligence and dashboard solutions for our clients. These solutions are not canned reports or static charts or a table of numbers. We implement data visualization tools that put the power back into the hands of the users to analyze their data and ask the questions improve decision-making. Our solutions combine valuable charts, tables, text, and maps along with other information to provide a comprehensive, real-time view into a customer’s data.