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Octant: Capture, Proposal and IDIQ Task Order Management on SharePoint

Octant: A Modern Business Development Software Platform for Capture Management and Proposal Management™

Octant WebsiteOctant’s powerful capture and proposal management software using Microsoft SharePoint – combined with business intelligence, proposal workflow automation and governance capabilities – helps unite business development (capture management, bid and proposal management, IDIQ Task Order management) and technology, enrich collaboration, and optimize business performance.

Octant provides over 10 years of dedicate software development expertise to just capture, proposal and IDIQ task order management – and in it’s software platform is the amazing Octant’s Power Tools™. Organizations save literally thousands of hours of time – eliminating the mundane and allowing teams to focus on capturing, qualifying and creating high-quality proposal responses – a task you cannot achieve with basic SharePoint tools, ‘meta-tag magic’ and ‘me-too’ copy-cat plug-ins.

A modern capture and proposal software platform

Our real-world functionality of capture management and proposal proposal management software enables bid, capture and proposal teams to respond more effectively to proposals, RFPs, GWACS, MACS, IDIQS, task orders, and more. From initial capture management through proposal development and contract award, Octant helps you unite business and technology so that you can focus on developing winning proposals in response to complex requirements – typically used with federal government contractors (GovCon) and firms with complex content creation or approval workflows. Octant’s capture and proposal management software provides an intelligent, integrated system that improves collaboration, enforces discipline and optimizes performance.

A complete line-up of automation tools to handle today’s challenges and beyond

Designed to handle the complexities of today’s government contracting while preparing for those unexpected challenges that pop-up out of nowhere, our complete line-up of services and solutions include:

  • Proposal management capabilities with robust ‘power tools’
  • Business development and capture management/ capture planning automation tools
  • IDIQ Task order management
  • Managing data calls, teaming partners and partner agreements
  • Managing tasks, opportunities, notifications, resumes, proposal templates, best practices materials, past performance, etc..
  • Office 365 and SharePoint

You will see the high value in our off-the-shelf software as it contains complex and sophisticated software tools, not just simple SharePoint configurations. Our software tools have incredible depth and breadth, all designed over the years to make it easy for you to have a single integrated environment for an enterprise approach to capture management, proposal management and IDIQ task order management efforts.

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