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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is hybrid platform that provides a breakthrough performance with faster insight. The 2014 version enables users to build Critical Mission applications as well as Big Data solutions using high tech in-memory technology across data warehousing, OLTP, analytics workloads and business intelligence with purchasing costly add-ons and high end applications. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 applies a common set of tools in utilizing and managing databases – on-premises as well as in the cloud. It enables customers to access clouds with the existing system.

Advantages of Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2014 provides an easy and cost effective way to build high performing mission-critical applications, ready to use Big Database and BI solutions which help make faster and better decision making by the employees of the user organizations. These solutions can be deployed on premises as well as in the cloud i.e. in a hybrid environment. They can also be managed conveniently via some familiar and common set of tools. The salient features include:

• Mission-critical Performance- SQL Server2014 makes reliable and mission-critical applications much faster with the help of its in-memory OLTP engine which can deliver on an average 10x transactional performance gains and go up to 30x transactions. The new updatable in-memory column store is able to query even 100x faster than other legacy solutions for Data Warehousing. If offers a feeling of security to its customers since it can allow access to database for 5 years at a stretch as reported by National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database in April 2013
• Faster Insights on any type of Data- The users get faster insight with the help of a complete BI platform to speed up their way of accessing, analyzing, cleaning and shaping of both internal as well as external data. SQL Server 2014, together with Power BI for office 365, makes it easier for all the users to get connected to the accurate and useful data that will help them make the right decision.
• Platform of Hybrid Cloud- The software SQL Server 2014 has been designed to work under a hybrid environment that is stretched from on-premises to online cloud. It also has newer tools that have made it much easier for building back-up and disaster recovery solutions by means of Microsoft Azure. These tools render a smooth on-ramp to the cloud for the user’s on-premises SQL Server Databases that enables the customers to utilize existing skills to access facility of global data centers managed by Microsoft.

Capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server:

• It has predictable breakthrough and in-memory performance.
• It renders consistent platform of data on-premises to cloud.
• It provides high availability of data and disaster recovery at the same time.
• It assures security and compliance.
• It offers company’s scalability throughout computing, networking, storing, and enables scalable data warehousing.
• It offers corporate business intelligence.
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 gives faster insights to all users of Excel and data access through mobiles.

To ensure that the users or customers get timely and accurate data, Edge-net has enhanced its online selling guide by in-memory OLTP in Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

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