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Microsoft BizTalk Server

Microsoft BizTalk Server

The Microsoft BizTalk Server was released as a combination of application servers in December 2000. During the aftermath of the release, the platform was used for both application and integration of various applications on the server. Eventually, Microsoft introduced the AppFabric server, a more convenient system for the users. The BizTalk Server is the solution for the enterprises to regulate automated business processes that involve functionalities including official document exchanges like invoices, purchase orders, and much more. This server can be integrated with the Microsoft Sharepoint Server to regulate projects under a collaborative effort by team members.

The BizTalk Server utilizes the specially designed adapters to maintain a communicative connectivity across various software systems of a particular organization. The platform allows the users to access the integrated enterprise based applications, B2B communication, business process automation, activity monitoring, message broker and others. Since 2009, BizTalk Server has been managed and maintained by the Microsoft Visual Studio. After the release of the BizTalk 2013 version, the server works with the Microsoft .NET version 4.5.1 and the Visual Studio 2013.

The BizTalk Server package is dedicated for the convenient work execution for developers. There is widespread scope to work on specific areas such as map transformation, file transformation, format changes, etc. You can easily convert an XML file into the SAP Docs. The messages are applied via XML documents. The Map implementation is regulated through the XSLT Standard. The various elements, like Pipelines, Orchestrations, Maps, and Schemas, are developed visually by implementing the graphic tools at the Microsoft Visual Studio.

Here are some important features of the new Microsoft BizTalk Server package:

• The adapters are very important and used for integration processes in line of business applications and various databases such as MS SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle Databases etc
• There are accelerators to extend the enterprise standards support such as the SWIFT, RosettaNet, and HIPAA
• The Rete Algorithm Business rule engine has been used in this BizTalk Server package
• A conglomeration of web services support
• Facility to regulate the automated business processes using Orchestrations
• The BizTalk Server can be integrated with various Microsoft enterprise solutions including Sharepoint, SQL Server, Dynamic CRM, and others
• The operation control, under the Microsoft Visual Studio, allows the users to conduct business process graphic modeling
• Organize your documents using the XML Schemas
• Functionoids assistance for graphical mapping
• Pipeline structuring for verification, decrypt operations, and message parsing during their entrance and leaving the server system through the use of the adapters
• Custom tailored dashboard for Business Active Monitoring (BAM)

Microsoft stands as a reliable platform for the business organizations across the globe when it comes to entrusting the development and upgrading of the IT infrastructural establishment. The present market scenario and expert analysis depict that the Microsoft BizTalk Server is going to be an alternative solution for some eminent products of the similar nature including IBM Sterling B2B, IBM WebSphere ESB, Oracle SOA Suite, webMethods, and Mule ESB.