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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

The history of Microsoft Azure dates back to October 2008 when it was known as Windows Azure or the Windows Cloud. The earlier improvisation and release of Azure, in February 2010, introduced several extended cloud-computing opportunities for the corporate organizations across the globe. However, the technology was revised over and again to gain wider dimensions. The latest and most advanced system was named Microsoft Azure and released in March 2014

Azure is the most robust cloud computing system based on a strong IT infrastructural base for deployment, construction and application management operations on the established network spread on the global domain. To ensure that the involved technicalities works fine for the users across the globe, the Microsoft data center controls the servers and other functionalities to enhance the convenience of the different enterprises. Microsoft Azure is the most dynamic and widely preferred cloud-computing platform supporting several tools, programming languages, frameworks, and much more. Azure offers both Iaas and Paas services.

Microsoft Azure Features

The newly introduced Microsoft Azure 2014 version is facilitated with fabulous features including:

• Compliance with important technicalities including PHP Node.js, ASP.NET, Python and others for website development.
• Advanced data encryption and coding for protecting confidential data such as web analytics reports, records, website contents, payments and transactions and much more.
• Convenience of using different operating systems to develop custom tailored applications and services per the device selection and customer services.
• Backup and recovery support at the best prices and high level efficiency
• Astounding customer care support at the Microsoft data centers to help the clients prevent halt or breakage during project execution
• Hybrid cloud options help to use the services by connecting to your data center as well as use the cloud platforms from other service provider.

Microsoft Azure Services

• Web Hosting: Microsoft Azure introduced the web hosting services in June 2012. You can create your website on the PHP Node.js, ASP.NET, Python or any other technological application present on the gallery.
• Virtual Machines: With Azure, you can create IaaS based virtual machines for all public cloud operations. These virtual machines are convenient for running on Windows servers and operating systems of 2008 and 2012. They support some Linux versions as well.
• Web Applications: Azure web applications mainly work on the PaaS platform. The customers can conduct data analysis and processing, regulate several website functionalities and even establish an eCommerce venture on this technology.
• Database Management: The corporate organizations can explore the opportunity to store and manage various types of databases on Azure including SQL, tables, and the BLOB storage.

In addition to the above, some other important services offered by Microsoft Azure are- media services, mobile cloud support, directory creation and management, business analytics, etc.

The Azure offers a closed source for various platforms and the open source licenses are extended to the client SDK. You can access Microsoft Azure on MS Windows and Linux operating systems. One of the most interesting and beneficial aspects about this cloud technology support is that the people working on these platform can use both Microsoft software as well as third party programs, software systems applications and others.