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Microsoft ASP .NET MVC

Microsoft ASP .NET MVC

The MVC pattern is an architectural pattern that is the acronym for Model-View – Controller pattern. As the name suggests, the application is separated into three different components which are the model, the view and the controller. This is an alternative method for creating Web applications and can replace the use of ASP.NET Web Forms. The Microsoft ASP .NET MVC is a very lightweight framework and that leverages some of the features of the ASP. NET including authentication of membership and master pages. An Microsoft ASP .NET MVC designed application has components that include business logic, input logic and UI logic. The location of the business logic is in the model: UI logic is located in the View and the Input logic is located in the controller.

Some of the benefits of Microsoft ASP .NET MVC include:

  • The MVC design enables the creation of applications with its various components distinctively separated. This allows the components to be completed in parallel by different teams and is critical when building applications that are complex in nature. The help extended enables the person to focus on any one facet of the implementation process at a given point of time and allows the person to continue the focus on one without depending on the other aspects.
  • The MVC designed application does not use the server based forms or the view state forms. This provides the developer complete control over the application being developed.
  • The location of the different types of logic in the application is specified by the design of the MVC.
  • One of the major benefits of the Microsoft ASP .NET MVC is that it helps in the management of complex applications. The Microsoft ASP .NET MVC simplifies the process of testing applications. In fact, it is easier in the MVC pattern than in the ASP.NET Design. Another reason why the MVC framework is a better option than the ASP.NET is because it allows the component to be tested individually without having to depend on the rest of the components

The preference for the Microsoft ASP .NET MVC pattern of web development is on the rise as it is considered to support the development of websites, web forms and web applications that are robust, vibrant and extremely dynamic.