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K2 blackpearl

K2 Blackpearl and Smart Forms

Looking for an amazing app which creates forms & workflow and integrates SharePoint and line of business data as a great support to your website? If you are, then look no further than K2.

K2 Blackpearl provides organizations with the tools needed to build true business solutions.  K2 allows organizations to build solutions by combining:

Forms – K2 provides a faster way to build dynamic forms that work across multiple devices.
Workflow – K2 provides an intuitive workflow building tool allowing users to visually create workflow though drag and drop components
Data – K2 includes the ability to create reusable data objects that can easily share data between applications and line of business systems
Reports – K2 can help you create visual components to visualize data from applications, workflows, forms, and SharePoint.

Other platforms provide limited features to automate forms or to build a workflow.  K2 offers a true development platform to build the full business solution using smartForms and integrating with different applications through smartObjects.  And best of all, the K2 server runs independently from SharePoint, but also seamlessly integrates with SharePoint. Organizations can utilize K2 to build stand-alone apps that use SharePoint lists and document libraries without the need to open SharePoint. K2 includes powerful tools to help organizations create dynamic and reusable applications to automate and streamline their internal processes.

In addition to it, K2 blackpearl allows the business owners to put up and run business functions, including forms, data, workflow and reports. Most of the reliable customers are transforming their organizations and business with apps that assign work to the right team with all the essential information they require to make big decisions. More interestingly, K2 provides wizards that let the user integrate with virtually any application or system making it possible to construct business apps that span the complete enterprise.

If you are interested in building and running your business within SharePoint then consider K2 blackpearl, which helps you configure general SharePoint workflow situations. There is a chance to access tasks from any place and anytime through any of the smart devices and share the designs easily with colleagues in a real way. It requires action, delegation and check in process. All over the enterprises and within departments, many are getting attracted to K2, which provides right work to the people with necessary information and details to carry on the task. At present, millions of people are depending upon K2 to streamline operations, reduce risk and save money.

Fortunately, you have no boundaries and no limits as K2 blackpearl SharePoint app is designed mainly to work with multiple sites and span SharePoint versions like SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online. K2 and K2 blackpearl are large, powerful and game changing apps that provide a framework for thinking about different aspects of process driven applications. You have a good solution for your business in the form of K2 with the ability to define your own business process for a better implementation.

Due to the demand of K2 blackpearl in online websites and companies, it has become stress free for the companies to computerize a wide range of business applications online without any code. You can create the envelopes, apply digital signature placeholders to more documents and direct beneficiaries and maintain control for signing process with these SharePoints.