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Professional Services

i3solutions has been developing portal and database solutions for the Professional Services industry for almost 20 years. We started off building timesheet tracking systems and project management applications for our first clients. Today, we help Professional Service organizations by building Portal tool to improve document management and collaboration, automating business processes through workflow solutions, and empowering users through business intelligence systems. Some of these solutions include:

Knowledge management

In this age of big data and vast amounts of contentment available to all of your employees the trick is no longer having the knowledge, but providing it to those that need the most as quickly and accurately as possible.

i3solutions can help you harness the true power of data and knowledge and put it at your fingertips for fast, accurate and consistent results. Suddenly your team is assisted by the knowledge available to them and not slowed down by it.can find the information that before only a handful of worker even knew existed. Our solutions can also help to provide workers with better access to data so they can make better informed decisions based on facts.

Infuse your knowledge with powerful organizational and context-driven search practices today and watch as your organization’s productivity goes through the roof.

Proposal development and management

There are only two ways to make money. Sell more or sell for higher margins. An effective proposal management system will help your organization do both at the same time without slowing down your team.

By understanding all aspects of the proposal development process from workflows, document sharing and other collaboration tools i3solutions is unique in the fact that we have raised the standard for Proposal Development with our award winning software Octant.

If you are looking to maximize your productivity, i3soutions can help you make more money with higher margins.

Employee on/off boarding

As you know finding the right person to join your team is full of challenges and the last thing you want to have happen is any kind of delay in putting them to work because of internal red tape. Let i3solutions help you by implementing a solutions that will reduce the time and effort needed to on-board your new talent so they can make an impact to your organization quicker.

Additionally i3solutions can help you put the processes in place that will help ease the transition of employees who are seeking other venues. Our experience with business process can help make sure that regardless if an employee is leaving or arriving it happens smoothly and tailored to specifically to your needs.

Business process automation

Too many organization still use paper forms, manual steps, and physical signatures to conduct their business operations. i3solutions can help your organization to reduce your dependence on these inefficient processes. Our consultant will work with your stakeholders to understand their business processes, forms, and approvals to provide recommendations on how to streamline and automate your businessimprove these processes. i3solutions can convert your paper based forms into fast and efficient electronic forms that users can access from any device. i3solutions can also automate the manual actions and approval steps into workflows that will manage and track all stages, deadlines, and actions into a single easy to manage system.

Online reporting and dashboards

At times there is simply too much data to process. Combine this with needing to understand what specific pieces of data combine with other pieces of data to provide you with a desired outcome can be a daunting task.
Luckily i3solutions can work with you to first understand your specific data and then create a plan that will help you communicate that information with a state of the art dash board. With data visualization and easy to understand dynamic infographics, your dashboard can make the lives of your employees (and executives) substantially easier.

Whether it is making your current technology work exactly as it was meant to, or implementing a new business process, i3solutions can walk you through the technology maze and get you out on the other side so that you can spend that time focusing on your clients and customers. Stop dreaming of the efficiencies you would like to see, call i3solutions and we will show you exactly how to scope, plan, implement and roll-out your time saving solution.