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Non-Profit organization operate completely different from commercial business and as a result need solutions that help to address their unique challenges. Many Non-Profits are dependent on grants and donations to operate each year. Other Non-Profits need to provide continuous value to retain their member. While other Non-Profits need tools to improve how different committees and groups share ideas, trends, and best practices.

Regardless, i3solutions has the past experience working with Non-Profits to help you meet your goals. i3solutions has experience with developing public websites and member portals for many Non-Profit organizations. i3solutions also has in-depth experience with integrating your Association Management Systems (AMS) platforms with Content Management Systems (CMS), public websites, and member portals. i3solutions also has experience with upgrading your information repositories into a more modern document management and social portal.

Please contact us to learn more about how we are leveraging technology to improve your operations and to do more with existing resources.