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As if staying in front of the changes in the law was not enough, your firm also needs to stay on top of the technology changes so you can continue to provide high quality services to your clients. Today, Legal client expectations run high. Too often law practices deliver different experiences depending upon the partners, location, or industry. It doesn’t have to be that way. Automation and tracking of key business processes like new matter intake, matter management, approval cycles and client follow-ups will help your firm standardize the best results across locations, attorneys, and clients. i3solutions provides workflows and business process management systems that do just that, allowing firms to grow consistently and deliver top-shelf results and provide a consistent experience every time.

For nearly two decades i3solutions has worked with law firms of all disciplines and sizes to help them to stay on track with their internal infrastructures all the way to their client facing websites. This broad and deep expertise is the i3solutions advantage. No matter what you need, no matter where you are in the evolution of your internal and external technology, i3solutions can help you to become the organization you need to be.

Some of the solutions we have implemented for our Legal Clients include:

Case management

Effective Case management begins with tracking of your firm’s time accurately and effectively. Next, i3solutions will help you develop collaboration strategies that will help the your team communicate and share information in a timely manner. Finally, i3solutions will help you communicate externally with your clients and partners so that they have up to the minute information they need for their case.

Legal project management

Effective project management takes into consideration the entire lifecycle of a project or a matter, and works to meet all expectations without compromising deadlines or margins. It requires a unified strategy that not only takes into consideration the law, progress reports, and budget, but is easy and simple to use.

i3solutions has developed a portal based solution to help Legal Firms manage all aspects of their matters and provide better insights into the health of their active projects. i3solutions developed a tool capture the deliverables, tasks, document, hours, team members, assignments, and budgets for matters into a consolidated system. The solutions provides dashboards for lawyers can quickly view the health of their active cases and determine the action and deliverables that need to be addressed this week. The system will provide matter and task roll-ups so lawyers can see all tasks and deadlines across multiple Clients. The system also has the ability to integrate with your time and billing system, so team members can view the status of the hours billed so you can proactively provide budget updates to your clients.

Please contact us to see how our Legal Project Management (LPM) solutions can help mature your case and matter management processes.

New matter intake

Let’s face it, clients are requiring more and more from their legal firms. Not only do they need the best service, but they want that service to be digital and available to them 24 hours a day. i3solutions has developed a tool to help streamline the process for on-boarding new clients and capturing their information. The tools provides a series of easy to navigate screens to capture client demographic, contract information, and details regarding their specific needs. Our New Matter Intake process provides a system to easily capture the milestones, tasks, sub-tasks, time estimates, budgets, and more. This system will help your firm track the critical dates, deliverables, and costs to provide top notch client service.

i3solutions can help you develop a smooth on-boarding process that takes into consideration the growing needs of your clients, and also the specific requirements of your back office and everyone else in-between. The benefits to smooth on-boarding are remarkable, and an i3solutions system will gain the attention of your clients immediately and dramatically improve the performance of the staff that manages them.

Client extranets

Good law firms communicate and collaborate well internally. But how well are you connecting externally with clients and partners? That’s often the real difference-maker.
The ability of an extranet to foster hands-off communication with partners, clients, and more allows an organization to remain virtually open and effective 24 hours a day, serving customers independent of the office. The typical use for legal extranets are:

  • Secure case document sharing and collaboration
  • Forums and blogs
  • Providing standard forms
  • User Managers
  • Event Calendars

You can also add mission critical items like project management tools, budget tracking, and workflow solutions as well as file sharing options that ensure you are communicating exactly as your clients’ require.