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Financial Services

The Financial Service Industry faces a uniquely complex set of issues that affect its technology infrastructure. Like other industries, Financial Services contends with ongoing technological changes, both within their organization industry and externally with their vendors and key partners. But in addition to this, there is an added challenge of keeping abreast of the compliance issues in worldwide markets that change almost daily. Because of this, Financial Services require solutions that not only meet a higher level of security, but will also meet the strict audit and compliance standard demanded in their industry. i3solutions’ deep experience can help get you there.

i3solutions began developing solutions for the Financial Services Industry for over 15 years ago starting with the home mortgage industry to streamline the processes for capturing data, automating underwriting, and managing loan portfolios. Since that time, i3solutions has assisted banking institutions with the implementation of portals to promote team collaboration and enterprise social platforms. i3solutions has also worked with Financial Services companies to develop workflow solutions to manage transactions, error processing, auditing, and compliance. i3solutions has developed custom marketing tools to improve search and access to product collateral for services, funds, products, offers, and more. i3solutions has created database solutions to help Financial Services organizations to consolidate their data and provide better data visualization and trending.

i3solutions has the technical know-how and the hands-on experience from working in the Financial Industry to be the right partner to help your organization take full advantage of the technology available today. Our consultants are focused on creating powerful solutions that will improve the effectiveness of your workforce and provide better management of your assets.