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The launching of Unity is an effort to provide the users of Ubuntu Operating systems a more advanced experience. Unity was first introduced to users of the Netbook in its 10.10 edition. Initially, the main objective was to allow the netbook users more space usage in their screen size which is limited in netbooks. Some of its initial features, which were intended to be space saving include the Launcher. Launcher is a vertical application switcher located on the vertical top menu bar which was designed to save space. Unity was founded in the year 2010 by Mark Shuttleworth, and introduced by his company Caronical Ltd based in South Africa. Some of the technologies incorporated in Unity include System indicators, Application Indicators, and Notify OSD. With enhanced experience for the user it is not only provides problem solving skills, but also provides an advanced experience to the user in its consistency, collaboration, and touch.

Identifying the Various Components of Unity

There are many components that make up the Unity interface and each of the components provide the user with many advantages that add up to enhance the user’s experience. These include:

• Launcher – The launcher is an element of the user interface that allows graphical interaction for the user in the form of launching and switching from one program to another and also helps to monitor programs and applications that are running. Briefly put, it enables the user to switch windows.

• Top Menu Bar – This a vertical space saving and multipurpose bar on the top, which holds the menu bar of the application that is currently active. Besides, the capture bar with the buttons to maximize, minimize and exit actions of the main window that has the window of the application that is currently active. Finally, it also has the various universal notification indicators which include the weather, time, and the position of the basic system.

• Quick List – The launcher items menu that is accessible.

• Dash – The Dash is a search feature that helps the user to source out information in a short period of time. The information may be locally available as in files, bookmarks and application that have been installed or remotely via search engines, social media and documents.  It also offers a preview of the results received.

Head-up Display – Often referred to as HUD, the Head-up display allows the user to utilize the keyboard more effectively. This feature was introduced along with Ubuntu 12.04 It allows the search for items at the top menu bar with the hotkey using the keyboard alone without using the mouse. This is done by pressing the ALT key. hotkey

• Indicators – This is the space for various notifications like the status of the battery, the time, network information, volume and others

Designed for the advanced use of the keyboard, mouse and touchpad, Unity, is very commonly used in game development and for advanced interactive interfaces