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A content management system from Microsoft, DotNetNuke is based on Microsoft’s .NET. The DotNetNuke platform or the DNN system for content management, is a community edition open source software. It allows website management that even a layman without adequate knowledge on technical issues can manage quickly. It can be extended to a large variety of apps which are third party. This provides them the functionality for business requirements. The first editions of DNN were written using VB and NET, though the later versions have C# as the language in which it is written. The DotNetNuke software has two editions that are commercial in nature and the Professional Edition of the DNN was announced in 2009 starting with the 4.9 version. Today the latest version is 7.0 which was presented in 2012.  It is easy, even for people who are not technically trained to design a website which can be done with the help of skins and DNN modules that can be found in various websites to either buy or operate. All that needs to be done is to select the skins and change the look of the entire website.

Basically the DotNetNuke is used for creating portals that are enabled for commercial applications. It helps to simplify the efforts of the content management personnel, website designers and developers and also website administrators.

Some of the important features of the DotNetNuke include:

• It is able to support multiple websites as it is constructed for multiple tenancy.
• It is either employed as the main website or in portals in which there is a main and sub configuration
• It is possible to customize the platform which is enabled by the feature of skins.
• The concept of skins makes it easier to maintain universality and also employ a common structure across all the sites that are related to each other. The need for enhanced knowledge in programming does not become essential.
• The core operation of the DNN can be increased with a component for elements that are common as is the case required for eCommerce.
• The software sharing of resources between the parent website and the child website. Links that are symbolic are formed specifically to help share and manage resources.

How does DNN benefit the organization?

Every business stands to gain from the DNN as it helps in different ways. It can be said that it allows high usability. It can be understood even by a layman quite easily and also can be implemented by a person after a short duration of practice. It is extensive nature that allows its use to be extended in case required. Most importantly, it is highly affordable as it’s an open source software so the price is nil. Over and above these factors, it can be customized to suit the size of the organization. Depending on the sizes of the website, the DNN can be adjusted as the number of web pages is not limited and it is able to support the numbers.