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Reaching Today’s Information Consumer

The Consumerization of IT has provided a near unlimited field of options for the modern consumer. No longer is the primary connection between businesses and the customers they serve through print media, television ads, and generic radio spots. The Internet and the explosion of internet devices has now permanently changed how consumers access information, read the news, watch TV, share personal information, communicate with friends, listen to music, shop, and so much more.

These information channels present new challenges to marketing teams on how to tailor and present their messaging when a consumer is watch a YouTube video, listening to music on iTunes radio, reading reviews on Pinterest, or Google searching.

The presentation of the marketing message cannot be generic—no; it must be tailored to what that consumer likes, specifically, and served up in a format to be most appealing for each person, when it is most likely to be received favorably. Consumers do not care for ads, they want to do their own research and reach an informed decision. If your marketing efforts can travel this road, it leads to shorter sales cycles and increased chances of a purchase.

So savvy marketers are reaching customers where they live and breathe in every conceivable format, from multiple brand campaigns running simultaneously (think Geico or Budweiser) in multiple channels, and with an unending array of online touches that literally follow the consumer around the web like a heat-seeking missile.

Features that Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Create and Manage Personas

Enhance the User Experience

Follow Analytics

Optimize Multiple Devices

Easy-to-Use Interface

Manage Content

Automate Email Marketing

Market Globally

Increase Search Engine Optimization

Application Integration

End-to-End Digital Customer Experience

In today’s digital economy, customer centricity demands an End-to-End Digital Customer Experience!  Engage customers in the context of their day-to-day lives with personalized content, offers and mobile optimized experiences to quickly respond to market opportunities and help grow your business.  See how Digital Commerce can deliver new ways to engage customers for a lifetime of value using: Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, Social, and Internet of Things.

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Maximize Your Digital Experience Platform Deployments

Implementing an interface to develop structured content, using various devices and channels to deliver the content, and personalizing the content presented to each visitor to your site are critical components to providing the ideal customer experience. To maintain customer loyalty and improve conversion rates, it is important to deliver personalized content and marketing campaigns that will encourage a call to action and generate new demand for your products and services. i3solutions is here to change the way you manage and deliver content.

The i3solutions DX platform does more than enable you to target and personalize the user’s Web experience. It targets content using traffic source, time of day, location, site behavior, demographics, profile and customer data, social graph, and persona. We help you meet each user’s unique expectations in real time by combining each visitors’ data and behavior to gain insight into their preferences, eventually helping them become loyal brand advocates.

Explore our solutions.

Our digital experience solutions provide an integrated, innovative, and intelligent portfolio for helping you deliver engaging online experiences.

Digital Experience

Build online experiences for customers, partners, employees, and citizens with integrated content, social, mobile and analytic tools.

Online Forms

Automate business processes and collect data with agile web applications that improve customer service and time to revenue.

Web Portal

Build scalable, personalized experiences with integrated workflows, content management, and social and mobile web delivery.

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