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Data Visualization

When poorly designed, it’s as useless as an aircraft dashboard on a moped. Does your performance dashboard keep you in control?

While the practice of representing information visually is not new, there have been significant improvements into the tools available for the end user. In the past, business intelligence and data analytics were tools best left to the IT department and hard-core developers. Now, the world has changed and user want access to this data and the tools to analyze and mine this valuable information. The amount of information is growing at an alarming rate year over year which is pressuring organization to adopt new technologies and business intelligence practices to handle this vast amount of raw data. For today’s business leaders, leveraging powerful data visualization tools is mandatory to keep up with and surpass the competition.

The Data and BI team at i3solutions has the hands-on technology knowledge and data integration experience to can get you to where you want to go. i3solutions has helped our Client to consolidate data across numerous data sources to create a central data repository. i3solutions has also created Data Visualization portals that provide users with a simple and interactive tool to analyze trends and identify opportunities within their data. i3solutions has also developed custom reporting solutions that can simplify the process for reporting complex data from patience records to timesheets to customer purchasing. I3solutions also has experience publishing data sources out to the common tools used by all users – Microsoft Excel. I3solutions has been an early adopter of PowerBI, PowerQuery, PowerMaps, and Natural Language Query. These tools provide enormous value and capabilities to all users. Our extensive experience with data visualization has helped countless clients gain control over their data, putting them on the right path to success.

Please contact us to set up a discovery session to learn more about the data mining and visualization tools now available.

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