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Contract Management for SharePoint

Who has the latest copy of the huge multi-year contract? Does anyone remember the specific deliverable dates or payment milestones?

Marketing and Business Development departments spend millions of dollars to implement solutions to track leads, contacts, campaigns, proposals, surveys, and more. However, after the contract has been won and all of the agreements have been executed; most companies do not have a system designed specifically to manage the execution and details for that critical contract. Companies still place their faith in an Excel spreadsheet to manage and control their multi-million dollar contracts!

Contracts Management is more than just tracking dates and deliverables. Most contracts contain multiple line items, confusing terms, numerous deliverables, multiple levels of subcontractors, acceptance criteria, option years, and more. Managing all of these details for a single contract is tough, but most organization are NOT managing one contract. So how should organizations track all of these details? Is there a better way to store and track all aspects of a contract? Is there a system to consolidate all contract details into a single system? Can the system enforce common project delivery processes across all projects, yet still provide the flexibility to provide each customer with the unique experience they demand?

Simplifying the complexities of contract management

The answers to all of these questions is a resounding YES! i3solutions has developed a range of Contracts Management solutions built on the SharePoint platform that can help your organization to retire their email and spreadsheet tracking solutions. i3solutions can reduce the amount of manual and redundant steps and processes that are required to manage your current and future contracts.

The i3solutions Contract Management solutions offer modules to store and track the detailed information for CLINs, SLINs, and more. The solutions offer modules for tracking subcontractor, partners, and third party vendors needed to successfully deliver on your contracts. These solutions will help to consolidate the contact information and partner agreements for all vendors and contractors in a single on-line location. The systems are built on the SharePoint platform so they offer robust document management, notification, and workflow features to automate many of your manual tracking steps. And even better, all of the contracts, vendor information, deliverable dates, terms and more are all searchable via a full indexed base search tool. Our solutions also contain Change Order and Option Year modules to help track the changes to the contract over time.

Call us today to set up a demo and discovery session on how our Contract Management solutions can drastically improve your ability to track all of this data and provide better insights into all contracts across your organization.