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Knowledge Management/Data Fusion

I know it’s here…Somewhere…

Sometimes, misplacking key data (or your brilliant idea) costs more than wasted time.

Organizations face a challenge today, and it is one many are painfully aware of yet, unfortunately, only few address with any degree of success. It is Enterprise Knowledge Management. But why is this such a challenge? Companies and agencies have had document repositories in place for years. Isn’t that enough? There are several problems at the root of this challenge.

  • Users cannot find anything, or more specifically, find the right information for the right person at the right time. Data growth worldwide is exploding (Gartner estimates over 60% growth in data ANNUALLY) and the ease and low cost of collection have given organizations more information than it has ever seen before. Companies and Agencies are data rich, yet too often they are knowledge poor.
  • Much of this information is unstructured and hard to find. More importantly, the information you need exists outside your system as a result of mobile users, social networking, and other consumer applications. Critical Information for a company’s success now can be found in documents, Facebook conversations, Twitter posts, Yelp reviews, YouTube videos, and more. How can an organization effectively utilize this information from different sources, in different formats, and in different frequencies?
  • The largest repository of every organization’s knowledge lives inside the brains of the people who work with it. Often this information is not shared with others who can benefit from it, and usually is not documented and saved. In many cases, this information walks out the door every time an employee leaves the company or agency. Companies spend millions each year simply re-creating or replacing lost knowledge they may not have even known they had all along.

So how are you facing down this challenge where you work?

i3solutions has been building Knowledge Management systems to foster the collection, discovery, and sharing of enterprise knowledge for nearly two decades. We have witnessed and adapted to the technology changes, and more importantly, have seen the expectations of employees rise regarding the access to vital organizational knowledge. Creating a user experience that is simple, effective, and comfortable is more important than ever before, and that’s a key part of our focus. Social outlets like Facebook and Instagram have changed how people play and relate, and has made them more demanding at work for similar experiences. Our Next Generation Knowledge Management solutions fuse the power of Cognitive Computing and the usability of Social Networking to create tools that users actually want to use and contribute. Our solutions expand on the storage and management of traditional knowledge and documents and now provide a better means of aggregating, sharing, collaborating on, and exploring numerous data sources. In this Knowledge Management evolution, i3solutions has mastered document management systems like WebSphere, Sitecore, SharePoint, etc., improved upon speed and information governance using advanced workflow technologies, and have integrated and supplemented those systems with other sources and technologies such as social platforms. By engaging enterprise social features, organizations can promote user self-service, adoption and collaboration through data visualization, natural language query, social posts, adaptive personalization, and much more.

Recently, we design a new corporate Knowledge Management solution for General Dynamics to provide their employees with a more intuitive and engaging system for all of their corporate information and programs. The system was designed with accessibility in mind so users can get access to information when they need it and on the device of their choice. The new solutions also improved the ability find and access the right information.

Now we are bringing cognitive technology to knowledge management through our partnerships with companies like IBM to anticipate informational needs based upon user preferences and organizational function, serving as a digital detective to unearth the right information for the right person at the right time. For one of our DoD customers, i3solutions designed a new Knowledge Management system that is infused with cognitive computing to provide dynamic delivery of content and data based on the actions, patterns, and requests of the user. The solution is able to provide suggestions based on relevancy and trends from the user’s body of work. The solution can deliver related information, suggest SME’s for certain topics, and route requests and workflows based on past outcomes and trends. i3solutions’ adaptive solutions are able to merge data from numerous internal and external data sources and automatically search and display results personally relevant to users. Users can analyze different data side by side in one view for simultaneous comparison. Our Knowledge Management solution can import data from external data sources and social media to merge with internal documents and data to provide users with a more comprehensive view into the areas they are working.