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Cognitive Computing Solutions

Moving from enterprise search to cognitive exploration.

With data nearly doubling every 14 months, most organizations fail to deliver the information and insights their staff need for high performance. The overabundance of data – coupled with disconnected silos – make it impossible to glean valuable insights needed to make quick, well-informed decisions. To compound the problem further, traditional tools such as enterprise search are inadequate. Sure, you can find documents that contain keywords as well as search relational databases and search content outside the company, such as subscription-based premium information services. But what if you’re looking to really leverage the power that big data has to offer like deeper analysis of unstructured content for trends and insights?

Introducing IBM Watson

Working in partnership with IBM, i3solutions brings the power and cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson Explorer. Watson Explorer helps users arrive at actionable insights more accurately and efficiently than ever before. With its multitudes of modular capabilities – including speech-to-text or text-to-speech transcription, personality insights, tradeoff analytics, visual recognition, question and answer, tone analyzer, etc. – Watson Explorer unlocks the value within your data so that organizations can make well-informed decisions, provide better customer support, and identify more opportunities.

Use IBM Watson to Improve Your SharePoint Deployment

If you are one of the many companies currently using Microsoft SharePoint, you may not be maximizing your investment to its fullest potential due to a variety of reasons:

  • Fragmentation of SharePoint implementations (team and/or department level)
  • Isolation of SharePoint repositories from the larger enterprise
  • Inability to build richer functionality on top of core SharePoint capabilities

Whatever the reason may be, Watson Explorer unifies your fragmented SharePoint instances that improves business performance, increases knowledge worker productivity, drives greater innovation, optimizes governance and compliance, plus more. Contact us today to learn more about how Watson Explorer and cognitive computing can grow your business.