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Cloud Solutions

Time to get your head in the clouds.

Are you in the Hosting Business? Most organizations are not, yet they still have an overheated server room and continue to purchase more expensive hardware, more storage space, and more software. Stop the insanity! Wouldn’t it be terrific to put the brakes on purchasing of depreciable assets and move your mission critical infrastructure to an enterprise class hosting center?

Modernize your business

i3solutions is not recommending that every organization move their servers and applications to the Cloud. Instead, i3solutions wants to work with your organization to review the existing systems and long term IT strategy to determine if the Cloud can enhance and streamline those systems. i3solutions also wants to understand your strategic goals to see if cloud based solutions can help you achieve those goals and possibly save your organization money along the way.

Whether it is providing a secure SaaS solution, leveraging Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), creating a cloud based disaster recovery mechanism (allowing you to contract out failover responsibilities) or creating an online archiving location backup plan for excess traffic, i3solutions can help your organization to navigate the numerous options to implement the right cloud solution that provides the security and extensibility that you need. Doing all your work online has never been this easy or secure.