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Choose the Proper Employee Portal to Match the Needs of your Business

“Retailers who make investments in advanced technologies will be rewarded by tech-savvy shoppers with a larger discretionary income (and will) build increased brand loyalty with young shoppers.” – Blair Christie, Cisco senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Assuming that you are initiating your start-up company’s first project–and you are breaking down the workflow and …


The Ideal Customer Experience: From the Customer’s Point of View

“Companies have to stop thinking of themselves as business-to-business or business-to consumer,” says Bill Price, the president of DrivaSolutions, who was Amazon’s first vice-president of global customer service. “Instead, they have to put the consumer first.” According to Beyond Philosophy: “Customer experience is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the …


How to Make Customer Data Actionable

How to Make Customer Data Actionable Technology has produced more educated consumers. It is easy for potential customer to learn about your company and your competitors from the comfort of their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These online experiences are avenues of open communication in which the company learns about the customer’s preferences and buying habits, …