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Case Study: Technology and Management Consulting

SharePoint Increases Collaboration for Technology Consulting Firm

Business Challenge

A large technology and management consulting firm sought a more streamlined method of storing, accessing, communicating and collaborating its information.  Roughly 87% of the company’s employees work off-site at various client locations.  As a result, the off-site employees use the company Intranet to access important company information, news, reports, documents, and internal processes. The Intranet represents the main vehicle of communication with many of the employees as well as a strategic application for the future direction and growth of the company.   The company was looking to provide a powerful solution for its employees – a centralized tool for improving companywide knowledge management; team collaboration; information and document sharing; certification and internal process support.

Our Solution

The first phase of this project focused on implementing the baseline features of SharePoint 2010.  One of the main goals of this system is to migrate the important documents current stored into the SharePoint system.  This move provided all of the company’s employees with advanced features including versioning, check in/out, metadata, and search.  The customer also wanted the new Intranet to be a consolidated location for employees to find links to important third party applications including Salesforce, INPUT, and Taleo. The new system was designed to include a proposal management extranet to improve collaboration and document generation between employees and external parties.  The new system also included document management features to support internal departments such as IT, Contracts, and Corporate, among others, as well as its quality and certification processes.  In addition, the customer sought to convert two existing MS Access applications into the SharePoint platform.  Lastly, the new Intranet was designed to support future goals that include online reporting, external data integration, workflow automation, and much more.


The customer noticed an improvement immediately.  This new system enriched the company’s collaboration capabilities across the intranet allowing users to share information, data and expertise. In addition, the company now has a centralized location for conducting work with vastly improved search capabilities, document management features and the ability to grow in support of its future needs and requirements.