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Case Study: Business News Organization

Premiere News Organization Profits, Using SharePoint Proposal Management System to Control Quality and Replicate Successes

Business Challenge

A premier business, news and information organization was looking to improve its proposal writing process, which lacked the automation, speed and efficiency required to effectively conduct business.  The primary issue was that its proposals were housed across numerous systems. These sites used two completely different systems, and the information and format of the data being captured differed as well. Because of this, obtaining data was a cumbersome and lengthy process.  Past projects and key documents were not easily searchable.  In addition, all communication was performed by email, which led to unnecessary confusion, errors and oversights.  With no collaboration tools in place, critical information was often lost or overlooked.  It became crucial that the company automate Proposal Management to actively manage and support the process and ensure the organization put its best foot forward when responding to proposals.

Our Solution

The customer reached out to i3solutions to develop a solution that would improve its proposal management process. i3solutions suggested a single collaborative environment where all information would be centralized.  Using SharePoint, the solution enabled users to leverage the enterprise search tool to easily search information and make it accessible to the proper personnel based on permissions.  The solution also provided a central repository to standardize all information.  i3solutions also developed SharePoint site templates to ensure standard stages were followed to ensure a more repeatable and consistent process.  i3solutions also created master proposal lists that provided the customer with the ability to track the status of opportunities across all business development teams.


The company realized a return of its investment immediately.  The proposal process is now considerably more efficient, thanks to a new centralized database.  Individuals and teams can easily collaborate, ensuring the right people were performing the appropriate tasks and eliminating redundancies.  Once email based, critical communications are now instantaneous, allowing for rapid response times and the ability to make changes on the spot.  This reduces cost per effort in both time and resources. Because the solution is centralized, there is a greater degree of visibility into the proposals. This visibility has significantly reduced the risk associated with development of proposals as well as provided a dramatic reduction of duplicate effort.  Most critical, however, is that the Proposal Management process has improved internal control and quality and all processes are repeatable, allowing the company to replicate its successes in future.