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Case Study: Non-profit Building Organization

Office 360 Proposal Management Solutions Helps Non-Profit Increase Quality and Speed of Response to Customer

Business Challenge

A non-profit building organization used a highly manual process for most of its business development activities.  While its business development cycle worked, it depended heavily on the organization’s staff to track the various steps, store files on different platforms, and pass information back and forth through email.  Without a centralized platform to store critical proposal artifacts and components, the organization’s staff often had to recreate and rewrite proposal content for each bid. The organizationsought a way to better leverage the knowledge that it already possessed – without having to rewrite it each time it was needed.  The organization also wanted advice on how to streamline and improve its proposal development and management processes.

Our Solution

i3solutions helped the organization transform its Proposal Management process by working hands-on with the Business Development team to transform its manual steps into a Cloud-based solution. i3solutions designed the new Proposal Management solution on the Microsoft hosted Office 365 platform. By leveraging the SharePoint Online platform, i3solutions was able to develop a new proposal management solution to facilitate real-time collaboration, organize and retain organizational proposal materials, and improve proposal response times.  In addition, i3solutions developed proposal sites to allow all team members to view the overall roadmap for the proposal response and all task assignments, timelines and materials needed for each response.  i3solutions also created a central proposal resource library to consolidate all past proposal artifacts into a simple and organized repository to promote information reuse and better consistency across different proposal teams.  Finally, the new solution provides new tools for better search, document classification, and content co-authoring.   The customer now enjoys the benefits of a new Cloud-based tool to promote remote collaboration, faster opportunity response times, and the ability to easily leverage previous proposals.


The organization was able to benefit from the new proposal solution in the matter of weeks rather than months.  The Office 365 Proposal Management platform now allows the business development team to store proposal materials in a consolidated library so all team members can easily search and reuse past proposal artifacts.  The new SharePoint Online proposal tools also provides web-based site to promote team collaboration and to streamline the process for reviewing and editing the actual proposal responses.  The solution implemented by i3solutions provides the organization with a more consistent proposal process that has reduced the amount of time and manual steps required for the Business Development team in building their proposal responses.