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Case Study: Multi-National Legal Firm

Multi-National Legal Firm Deploys SharePoint for Improved Knowledge Management

Business Challenge

A multinational legal firm was facing a challenge that many large organizations face: managing and effectively using employing large amounts of documents. The customer grew frustrated trying to search through the rapidly growing number of case documents, maintaining case organization as workloads increased, and continuing to use a task management system that was no longer meeting the firm’s needs.  The customer needed an intranet that improved search capabilities, provided better organization and flexibility, and interacted with a new task management system-in other words, a technology that supports and improves business rather than hinders it.

Our Solution

After reviewing the customer’s requirements, i3solutions recommended it use the Microsoft Office SharePoint Intranet Server for its foundation system. This new Intranet took advantage of the older SharePoint Intranet but offered much improved search capabilities, organizational flexibility, and ability to interact with its new task management system. By leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint Server technology, the firm boasts a new intranet built on a stable, proven technology, which has the flexibility to grow with the firm’s needs.


The newer SharePoint Intranet developed by i3solutions provides the customer with the means to search its growing number of client documents, maintain client organization while improved flexibility to adjust to the ever changing legal environment, and provide a one stop site to view all of its client applications. In addition, a new task management system was created that interfaces with the new intranet. For a firm that is heavily reliant on the accurate management of knowledge and documentation-as a matter of evidence, or a matter of record, this new intranet is invaluable- and will remain so as the firm continues to grow.