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Case Study: Mortgage Finance Company

Mortgage Finance Company Implements More Sophisticated System to Save Time, Reduce Cost, and Increase Productivity

Business Challenge

A nationwide mortgage finance company, with a national network of almost 10,000 financial institutions, expands housing and economic development opportunities be providing loans and banking services to community based financial institutions. Its current system, that handled tasks critical to performing these functions, was largely manual. Because of this, administrative costs were excessively high and overall productivity was diminished. To resolve this, the company wanted a web-based system to automate the contracting, purchasing, and tracking delivery of mortgages from its member banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Our Solution

i3solutions established a sophisticated online application that enables the customer to purchase mortgages from its Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs). Using the application, the PFIs can retrieve current pricing from the customer, commit to delivery contracts, deliver loan pools to the customer, and seamlessly upload and validate loans against the system’s complex rules engine. The rules engine even provides instant feedback on the success or failure of an upload with descriptive information on any problems encountered. The online analytic tools enable the PFIs to also determine which of the loans fit the criteria outlined in each delivery contract. The customer is able to use the system to purchase the PFIs loans and to manage the warehouse of loans that they have on the books.


The company is benefiting from an intricate system that is managing more than $40 billion in mortgages, provides real-time access to PFIs, generates timely reports, tracks and analyzes loans, and automatically validates information against mortgage industry standards. The implementation of this user-friendly system saves administrative time, reduces cost, and increases productivity.