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Case Study: International Legal Firm

SharePoint Makes Long Distance Collaboration Easy for an International Law Firm

Business Challenge

A large, multinational and geographically dispersed law firm, sought a way to improve its global communication and enhance collaboration with its partners, attorneys, staff, and clients.  Unfortunately, the firm did not have a web system for collaboration or file storage, which made accessing critical information difficult.  In addition, it was concerned with the rise of simple cloud-based sharing solutions like Dropbox and the potential for employees to inadvertently disseminate or lose control of sensitive case documents. The customer’s Information Technology department decided to invest in a solution that could provide secure, internally hosted document collaboration for its legal teams to use in conjunction with its clients.

Our Solution

The customer sought the help of i3solutions because of our deep expertise in SharePoint along with our rich, long standing experience in the legal space.  i3solutions recommended using SharePoint 2010 for document collaboration due to its adoption of Microsoft Technologies, specifically Active Directory.  After meeting with stakeholders in different practice areas, i3solutions devised a suitable farm architecture, site taxonomy, feature set, and governance plan.

This solution, proposed by i3solutions, targeted a new SharePoint 2010 portal implementation.  The extranet portal, as well as the custom solution deployed to it, was developed in-house by i3solutions and deployed to the customer’s data center.  Based on the anticipated growth in collaboration sites, the farm was set up with multiple site collections to be a scalable storage solution.

To simplify administrative overhead, the custom solution included a disclaimer that prevents access without acceptance, a site provisioner to make creating and branding sites as easy as possible, site templates to allow for branding standardization and variation, and custom web parts to display contacts and compact calendars.


The new SharePoint 2010 farm and custom solution provides hundreds of legal teams across the organization with a common place to collaborate on a daily basis.  Due to the efficiency of the custom solution for maintenance, the sites are managed by a small handful of individuals.  Lastly, senior management has the peace of mind of knowing that employees have a convenient way to collaborate with their clients in a branded environment without having to turn to a cloud solution that would require them to relinquish control of their sensitive data.