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Case Study: Government Staffing and Support

Government Staffing Company Benefits from a Single, Cohesive SharePoint Task Order Management System

Business Challenge

A national government staffing and support company’s contracts compliance and managements department has used several applications developed in-house over the years to manage its contracts and task orders for its clients. This has evolved to require a good deal of maintenance and support from its IT staff that should be unnecessary. It has further created several points where data can become fragmented, orphaned, and/or mismatched, which produces inaccurate reports and potential contract non-compliance issues.

A new solution was required to completely replace the existing systems with one single system that meets all contract and business process requirements. The customer came to i3solutions for help designing and building a new Task Order Management System to better suit its process.

Our Solution

The solution proposed by i3solutions included two (2) ASP.NET web applications. The first application is internal to the customer and allows its personnel to manage all contracts, task orders, and positions ordered by its clients. The second, is an external web site that gives its clients read-only access to its contract, task order, and positions ordered information.


The new applications replace multiple existing systems giving the company a single cohesive system with which it can manage its contracts. This reduces the amount of time company personnel need to update information in multiple places or switch between systems, and eliminates data redundancy and fragmentation. The new system enables the company to ensure it is meeting is contract obligations and provide management with accurate decision-point information. Further functionality was built in to the system for expected future growth.