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Case Study: Gaming Company

SharePoint Proposal Management Solution Offers Gaming Company Greater Efficiencies and Provides Superior Reporting Insight

Business Challenge

One of the largest lottery and gaming companies in the world has a large proposal department that creates roughly 150 proposals per year. This process was completely paper and email-based, and therefore lacked transparency and inhibited the ability to effectively track information. Collaboration was difficult, and overall, it made the company less efficient.

The company sought to automate this process for better organization and transparency of information, and to gain efficiencies inherent incentralization. All proposal information was required to be viewable by not just the Business Proposal department, but the other departments with which it works in conjunction to produce a winning proposal.

Our Solution

i3solutions aimed to provide a solution that offered the best collaboration experience for its proposal process. This included nine workflows and a new information architecture structure to accommodate those workflows. These new workflow processes included each of the proposal phases specific to the unique proposal process used by the customer’s Business Proposal department.

Because the customer is an international company and must work within the confines of the various laws defined for each of the countries, provinces and states within which it works, its proposals require a Compliance Review before and after the usual Account Team Reviews. Also, because the customer competes with other international lottery and gaming companies, it naturally desires its proposals to stand out from its competitors. To provide an enhanced proposal end product, it has a multitude of comprehensive and detailed graphics describing products its offers. Due to this fact, the customer’s proposal process also included Design and Print Production phases.

Since there were a number of workflows which needed to work in conjunction with multiple sites, used by multiple groups of individuals, i3solutions recommended using Nintex as the platform for creating such workflows.

Because of the distribution of sections between libraries during various phases and the need for notifications to be milestone based, i3solutions also created two backend processes to send out nightly emails, notifying Bid Managers of the status for sections as a whole for certain milestones.


The new Business Proposal Workflow tool provides the customer with a more efficient process than relying on paper transferred between individuals or emails residing within inboxes.  The transparency and availability of information within the system enables the customer to see where efficiencies could be gained or where sections of the proposal might be stuck during the process.  Since this information is now being gathered and stored within a database, reporting mechanisms can be put into place to provide further insight and tracking capabilities.