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Case Study: Government Economic Development

Improving How Business is Conducted: Government Entity Leverages Effective Business Process Management with SharePoint

Business Challenge

A government economic development entity saw a need to improve its existing Intranet structure within the agency.  This intranet was a collection of disparate sites maintained independently between select operational offices such as HR and PMO, and Mission Sites managed by field offices.  Each site used multiple technologies and lacked any consistency or cohesion, as each was focused only on a specific region, or business.  In addition, quality of both the sites and management of them, varied greatly.  The company’s goal, therefore, was to create a cohesive intranet to connect employees around the globe and enable them to better leverage each other’s skills, experience, and knowledge to improve operations across the board.

Our Solution

The company sought out the expertise of several organizations to help create a cohesive, effective new intranet to connect employees and stakeholders worldwide.  This multiple team, multiple technology effort was led by the company and brought together different vendors to address specific aspects of the project.  The company supported the development of functional requirements and User Interface and Experience through an iterative process focusing on wireframes and other visual elements which could provide stakeholders with clear expectations of how the system would look and operate.  In order to do this successfully, the company assembled a team using internal resources including consultants from i3solutions.  i3solutions worked closely with key personnel and other vendors to understand the requirements and technologies under evaluation and to provide an assessment of available options. Once a technology was chosen, i3solutions was to define user expectations on how it would deliver the information and services the customer required.

The final system selected was a hybrid of Tibbr for social networking within the intranet, Huddle for collaborative workspaces and task management, and finally Drupal to maintain curated (static) content throughout the system.  Tibbr and Huddle teamed to provide a versatile, integrated intranet solution leveraging the social networking aspects of the Tibbr platform to connect users with the document management and tracking features available in Huddle.  It is being delivered in SaaS model hosted by Tibbr and Huddle to ensure availability for the company’s staff around the world.  Drupal was chosen as an open source solution to address the management of curated content authored by the company’s principals for distribution to staff.


The intranet is now an integrated, cohesive intranet that enables employees from all over the world to leverage the skills, knowledge and expertise of their colleagues.  The company’s global community is now interconnected and can focus on providing the best services to its recipients and to more effectively fulfil its mission.