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Case Study: Management Consulting Firm

Management Consulting Firm’s New Consolidated Project Management Platform Improves Operations

Business Challenge

When we first met with this nationwide management consulting firm, it was facilitating a largeproject management program through an assortment of one-function cloud tools that strung together information loosely, if at all.  The company’s online repository was a flat file structure that simply did not connect its information the way it needed it.  It also wrestled with the challenges of trying to unite data and systems with teams made up of both internal staff and external partners.

Our Solution

i3solutions began addressing the many challenges by tackling the core project data first.  The project management program is essentially made up of a portfolio of projects.   While some tools already exist for this, the firm needed more than a spreadsheet – it needed a secured, customized tool that fit its exact needs.  i3solutions created a simple, understandable mechanism that blended task assignments with project management to fit the bill.

i3solutions also created workflows to facilitate a host of processes that supported the program activities. i3solutions integrated the task assignment and project management tool and workflows into a cloud-based collaboration platform.


This solution design allowed the firm and partners to use one platform for all activities while maintaining the right security boundaries for its external partners.  Best of all, the firm doesn’t need to maintain the solution or Office application licenses themselves since everything is hosted in the cloud.