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Case Study: Government Contractor

Government Contractor Upgrades Aging System to Improve Functionality and Comply with Regulations

Business Challenge

A large government contractor was facing a new Defense Contract Audit Agency(DCAA) audit, introducing a need for a more adequate business management system. Its current Contract Management System was a mission-critical system used by multiple departments within the organization as a central hub for all information for contracts management, billing, pricing, program management, supply chain, and subcontracts management. However, the existing Contracts Management System was built on an aging platform that did not provide the robust functionality for the growing needs of the organization. In addition, it was built and supported by a single technical administrator who left the company. As a result, the customer did not have the technical knowledge and understanding of the current system to support the new features and business needs being requested form its different departments.
The customer sought to implement a new system that would streamline contract management processes, provide more accurate reporting, and ensure compliance with the DCAA requirements.

Our Solution

The customer partnered with i3solutions to design, build, and implement a new Contracts Management System. The new solution was designed on the SharePoint platform to allow the customer to leverage the advanced features for list management, document management, search and workflow. The new platform provided a centralized tool to easily view task orders, CLINs, SLINs, budgets, billing, subcontractors, Change Orders, milestones, option years, and more. i3solutions designed it to fully leverage the SharePoint platform taking advantage of the metadata taxonomy and the search features. Another key requirement was for i3solutions to design the solution to convert all forms to .Net web-based forms. This allowed the new solutions to provide users with all of the previous functionality as well as new functionality through any standard web browser (on any device). This is significant because users could complete tasks even when out of the office and prevented the customer from using a technology that is no longer supportedby Microsoft.

In addition to replicating the previous functionality, i3solutions also developed numerous enhancements into the new platform. This included making forms dynamic so that modifications to any part of the contract will be updated in the system, introducing a Clause Library, contract value tracked to the cent in order to provide a complete match to the contract documentation, a Partner and Subcontractor management module and a module to store and manage all Change Orders and Option Years for its contracts.


Overall, the new system provides more robust reporting capabilities which allows for smarter parsing and analyzing of data, as well as better tracking for compliance and auditing purposes. The new system provided advanced tools to provide the customer with better insights and management of its contracts worldwide. i3solutions also provides SharePoint training to the internal staff so they could enhance and maintain the new platform. In addition, i3solutions provided IT Staffing services to interview and onboard a new SharePoint Administrator full-time. i3solutions worked directly with the new Administrator to provide knowledge transfer on the new platform and to provide advanced training on SharePoint.

The customer realized an immediate return on investment. The new system is not only much easier to use, with a more user-friendly, intuitive navigation, but it provides better, more accurate management of contracts and provides excellent reporting, tracking and document retention capabilities. The customer, now able to support and enhance this new system using their internal team, feels more confident in its tracking and documentation for audit purposes. Most importantly, it allows the customer to gain better control over its business for today and into the future.