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Case Study: Independent Government Agency

Government Agency Upgrades Vouchers and Arbitration System to Reduce Staff Workload

Business Challenge

A large, independent government agency was looking to replace two outdated, existing systems with the latest technologies in an effort to expand and enhance its work functions. The first, The Electronic Voucher System, is used by the agency’s arbitrators to track travel expenditures. This technology was over 10 years old and lacked the ability to be enhanced or repaired. The second, is an Arbitration system, employing a DOS-windows-based technology with several shortcomings in the areas of enhancement, maintenance, usability and public access. New solutions were required to replace the existing systems entirely to meet the agency’s growth needs and agency directives. The agency came to i3solutions for help to design and build the new systems to meet these needs.

Our Solution

The i3solutions’ team created high performance solutions for both systems. The Electronic Voucher System (EVS) includes two components: (1) a WinForms-based application installed on the arbitrator’s laptops which they use to manage travel expenses, and (2) a web-based application to which the travel expenses can be synched and managed by the agency’s staff. The Arbitration system also contained two components: (1) a public web-based application through which requestors are able to submit and purchase panel requests and public arbitrators can manage the cases on which they have been selected, and (2) a private web-based application in which the agency’s staff can manage the entire arbitration panel request process.


The new solution brings each of the EVS and Arbitration systems up-to-date with the latest technologies and design concepts. All of the ongoing issues with each of the legacy systems are removed as the new applications eliminate them entirely and allow the agency to more easily maintain and enhance the systems. Further, the public Arbitration web application provides additional functionality not present in the legacy system that allows public users to manage more of the panel request process themselves, thereby alleviating the drain on the agency’s staff.