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Technology Case Studies

i3solutions Case Studies - Table of Contents

Case StudyVerticalTechnologiesType
SharePoint Upgrade Helps An Aging Infrastructure Accounting, Professional ServicesWindows Server, Active Directory, SharePoint, ExchangeKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration
Non-Profit Healthcare Organization Leverages SharePoint to Improve Public Facing WebsiteNon-profitSharePoint, SharePoint Public Facing WebsiteSharePoint Migration, Intranet
Project Management Office ImplementedWorld-wide TelecommunicationsOffice, Project, Business Process ManagementProject Portfolio Management, Business Process Management, Requirements
Non-Profit Upgrades SharePoint to Improve its Business Intelligence CapabilitiesNon-profitSharePoint, Quest, .NETBusiness Intelligence, SharePoint Migration, Intranet, Extranet
Multi-National Legal Firm Deploys SharePoint for Improved Knowledge ManagementLegal (multinational)SharePoint, SharePoint Migration, TrainingIntranet, Search, Knowledge Management
International Retail Company Seeks Greater Flexibility to Support an Expanding BusinessRetail.NET, SQL ServerTracking and Reporting System, Integration
Intellectual Property Law Implements SharePoint to Centralize OperationsLegalSQL Server, Access, SharePointIntranet, Data-mining, Contact Management
Government Contractor Upgrades Aging System to Improve Functionality and Comply with RegulationsProfessional Services, Government Contractor (#Govcon).NET, SharePoint, InfoPath, SQL ServerContract Management System
Mortgage Finance Company Implements More Sophisticated System to Save Time, Reduce Cost, and Increase ProductivityMortgage Finance.NET, SQL ServerMortgage tracking and purchasing
Government Agency Upgrades Vouchers and Arbitration System to Reduce Staff WorkloadGovernment.NET, SQL ServerRequest Processing, Business Process Automation
Government Staffing Company Benefits from a Single, Cohesive SharePoint Task Order Management SystemProfessional Services - Government Contractor (#govcon).NET, SQL ServerTask Order Management, Intranet
IT Contractor Enhances Partner Communication through its New SharePoint Non-Disclosure Management SystemProfessional Services - Government Contractor (#govcon)SharePointNon-disclosure (NDA) Management Sysystem
SharePoint Proposal Management Solution Offers Gaming Company Greater Efficiencies and Provides Superior Reporting InsightGlobal Entertainment Company.NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, NintexProposal Management, Workflow
SharePoint Makes Long Distance Collaboration Easy for an International Law FirmLegalSharePointKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration,
Office 360 Proposal Management Solutions Helps Non-Profit Increase Quality and Speed of Response to CustomerNon-profitSharePoint, Office 365Proposal Management, Business Process Automation
Housing and Development Organization's Internet Improves User Experience, Increase Collaboration and Enhances Overall Business ProcessesFederal GovernmentSharePoint, .NET, SharePoint MigrationKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration, Extranet
SharePoint Increases Collaboration for Technology Consulting FirmProfessional ServicesSharePoint, Integration, SQL Server, Access, .NETKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration, Extranet
SharePoint Helps Multi-National Government Contractor Meet Customers’ Demanding Invoice, Tracking and Auditing Requirements Professional Services - Government Contractor (#Govcon)SharePoint, .NET, SQL Server, Web Part DevelopmentInvoice status, security access, and auditing
Premiere News Organization Profits, Using SharePoint Proposal Management System to Control Quality and Replicate SuccessesProfessional ServicesSharePointProposal Management, Business Process Automation
Improving How Business is Conducted: Government Entity Leverages Effective Business Process Management with SharePointFederal GovernmentSharePoint, Huddle, SaaS, DrupalKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration
Management Consulting Firm’s New Consolidated Project Management Platform Improves OperationsProfessional Services.NET, SQL Server, SharePoint, ProjectKnowledge Management, Project Management, System Integration
Government Contracting Team Saves Time and Money with New Proposal Management SystemProfessional Services, Government Contractor (#Govcon).NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, LyncRFP and Proposal Management, Contracts Management
Case Study-SharePoint-Migration-BI-DashboardsBusiness Intelligence,
Government Agency Improves Access to Knowledge for Better Analysis and Strategic PlanningFederal GovernmentSharePoint, K2 BlackpearlKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration
Large Hospital System and Its Patients Benefits From Medical Management and Patient Tracking SystemHealthcare.NET, SQL Server, SharePoint, XML, LogiXMLProject Management, Reporting,
K2 workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)K2, .NET Development, SQL Server, ERP IntegrationKnowledge Management, Intranet, Collaboration,
International Law Firm Profits From Greater Collaboration and Data ManagementLegalSharePoint, .NET, System Integration, EDULegal Project Management, Extranet and Reporting Using SharePoint, New Matter Intake
A Major News Organization Gains Efficiencies with Superior Proposal Management Capabilities
Re-Branding Helps One Major Non-Profit Get The Word Out About Its Honorable MissionNon-profitSharePoint, .NET, IMS System IntegrationSharePoint for Public Website, Integration with membership management system