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Data Analytics and Insights

When poorly designed, it’s as useless as an aircraft dashboard on a moped.

There is no doubt that we are in the age of data. The amount of data is exploding—from social media to wearable devices to IoT sensors in cars, building, clothing, and more. It is clear; more data is available to individuals and organizations that ever before.

But how do we make sense of all of this data? How can we gain value from this information?

In the past, organizations were required to spend large amounts of time, resources, and money to develop the systems and infrastructure to process this data. Today, Data Analysis tools have evolved so organizations can now leverage all this data to produce valuable insights and metrics. i3solutions brings over a decade of experience helping organization to implement these Data Analysis and Visualizations tools. Our consultants understand how to merge and import data into these Data Analysis tools and how to configure the tools so users can start asking question of their data.   Our solutions can merge a company’s Line of Business (LOB) data with external sources (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more) to make better decisions regarding what is important to their customers. This ability allows organizations to discover trends and relationships about your customers and business that was just too time consuming to identify before.

Power at your fingertips

i3solutions is helping organizations to create dynamic reporting and dashboarding solutions so the business user (Not just IT) can ask questions directly of their data and to truly visualize their data and analyze the relationships at a whole new level. i3solutions worked with the Department of Homeland Security and the University of Maryland to implement a Data Management Tool that merged over 30 different data sources into a single solution. The solution included a master Ontology to relate each of the different data schemas and provided a dynamic data reporting and visualization tool to find trends and patterns in the data.

Custom reporting and BI solutions

But, these advancements are not just limited to data visualization. With the help of Cognitive computing and Collaboration solutions, i3solutions can expanded these Data Analysis solutions to include the data we use the most – unstructured data. Image the possibility of discovering relationships and trends from a keyword search in a Portal or being presented a full list of related experts and data personalized based on your profile and likes. There are tools that can use Natural language processing to convert speech to text and provide users with the power to search and display data in the same say they would ask another person. Natural language queries allow you to spend less time on finding and formatting the data and instead asking the questions of the data that will make a true difference to your organization.