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Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition (Part 4)

This is a continuation of our first blog on Creating your Best Unique Value Proposition, second blog on the Language of the Unique Value Proposition, and our third blog on Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition. This time, we will be dealing with some of the more common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Unique Value Proposition …


Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition (Part 3)

This is a continuation of our first blog on creating your best Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and our second blog on the Language of the UVP. This time, we will be looking at crafting your UVP so that it resonates with your potential clients when they hit on your website and first see your Homepage. …


The Language of the Unique Value Proposition (Part 2)

This is a continuation of our first blog on creating your best Unique Value Proposition (UVP). This time, we will be looking at the Language you intend you use in augmenting and solidifying your company’s own UVP. Remember, in our first installment, we defined the UVP as: “…that first sentence, business description or image that …


Choose the Proper Employee Portal to Match the Needs of your Business

“Retailers who make investments in advanced technologies will be rewarded by tech-savvy shoppers with a larger discretionary income (and will) build increased brand loyalty with young shoppers.” – Blair Christie, Cisco senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Assuming that you are initiating your start-up company’s first project–and you are breaking down the workflow and …


DCAA Audit Survival Guide

The Defense Audit Agency (DCAA) was founded in 1965 with the sole purpose of making it easier for the Department of Defense to audit contractors. Recently, the DCAA has been afforded more power by Congress to gather and demand audit materials. Therefore, it is more important than ever before that contractors be prepared to properly …


Using Customer-Centric Predictive Analytics

“Predictive analytics is about the consumer, and bringing a holistic view of that consumer. To do that you have to understand the profile of the consumer. They are more than a segment,” explains Emad Georgy, SVP of product development and global head of development at Experian Marketing Services. “Technology has caught up with that concept. …


Workflow Wisdom for Financial Services: 3 Top Impact Opportunities

It’s no secret that Business Process Automation (BPA) is being used by thousands of companies that span just about every vertical market from retail to legal services to non-profits to government agencies. There is likely no industry that presents the prospect for massive return on investment than the world of financial services. Banks, credit unions, …


4 ROI Killers for Productivity IT Projects

You’ve seen it all before.  The organization CIO, CEO or C-whatever-O comes back from a conference and after seeing a whoop-de-do presentation by a technology guru and reading the autographed copy of her book, launches an Information Technology initiative that’s going to change life as you know it at work.  Maybe it doesn’t start that …


Keeping Your Project on Budget

Every submitted proposal or project plan continually emphasizes that the assigned project manager (PM) will ensure tasks remain on schedule and under budget. Typically these are the two most commonly measured data points from the customer’s perspective. Whether it is developing a new weapons system for the Federal Government or remodeling the kitchen in your …


Why CMOs Should be BFFs With Their CIOs

Why CMOs Should be BFFs With Their CIOs In the past, CMOs and CIOs had no need to collaborate much. CMOs guarded the brand and crafted the creative marketing campaigns that produced consumer interest in the company’s products and/or services. In the meantime, the CIO had responsibility for reducing costs through process improvement and managing …

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