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Asset Management

Do you know where your hi-value assets are?

There has never been a time where cost efficiency in running business operations has been more necessary, putting pressure on procurement budgets and asking companies, agencies, health care institutions and others to do more with less. Ineffective management of hi-value assets leads to emergency shortages, over-purchasing and never-ending frustration for users, who spend too much time looking for what they need rather than doing their jobs.

Those assets usually are in the form of capital equipment and span the business landscape today:

  • Hospital mobile diagnostic equipment, patient mobility devices, and even patients themselves!
  • Manufacturing process, material handling and power-generation equipment
  • Commercial maintenance and transport equipment
  • Computers, information and data systems

The list goes on. So, does your firm know where all its hi-value assets are, at any point in time, across all the locations that you operate in? This is becoming increasingly challenging in the current era of technological advancements, as the value of field devices remains high while their physical size is decreasing. Misplacement, misappropriation, and theft cost enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Get your assets under control

What if you could know where your important, frequently used assets were at all times and could manage and distribute them with cool efficiency?

i3solutions helps you manage assets and all their necessary attributes, like lease terms and expiration, current location, operational costs and, where appropriate, track them in real time using active and passive RFID tracking devices. Asset management and tracking eliminates the headache and worry associated with out of control distributed equipment assets, saving hundreds of person-hours and avoiding unnecessary expenditures that fall straight to the bottom line.