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Mobile Solutions

Today’s Mobile Strategy will secure tomorrow’s Customers.

Some business leaders believe that mobile technologies aren’t necessary for their particular organization. Think again. The smartphone market is significantly larger than the PC market, necessitating today’s organizations consider a long term strategy or it will be left behind.
This has far reaching implications. Mobility has begun to transform the world of work by improving business processes, enhancing decision making and increasing data integrity – all in real time. Your mobile initiatives may focus on internal operations or client experience, but the challenge remains the same – integration with existing systems and processes, and, ultimately, about improving results at every moment.

i3solutions has deep experience building solutions that are targeted for the mobile user. i3solutions began designing mobile solutions for the PALM devices and platform. Tablet and Smartphones have come a long way since this time, and i3solutions has continue to develop innovative solutions to take advantage of the power and flexibility of mobile devices.

i3solutions has developed solution that are used in hospitals to capture patient data and to retrieve insurance coverage data. i3solutions has implemented solutions using hand-held scanners to manage inventory and track shipments. i3solutions has also developed workflow solutions that provide mobile users the ability to review and approve documents, tasks, orders and more while on the go.

Our mobile solutions experts will work with your business users to help envision the right solution to provide remote user with access to the data they need on the device of their choice. i3solutions can help to break down the barriers typically encountered when developing mobile solutions across a wide range of device. i3solutions has experience developing solution for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. i3solutions will work with your organization to determine the mobile needs of your organization, develop a comprehensive roadmap to address these and long-term goals with i3solutions exceptional technical team, Develop mobile solutions that work today and that will continue to provide value long into the future.

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