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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a collection of Remote computing services or web services offered by which combine together to create a cloud computing platform. The most famous and popular among these services are (i) Amazon EC2 and (ii) Amazon S3. They provide huge computing capacity to many servers much quicker and at considerably cheaper rate than other similar services.


Amazon Web Services is situated in 10 geographical regions. These locations are Northern Virginia, Northern California, Oregon, Sao Paulo, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing and Sydney. A ‘GovCloud’ is also there situated in Northern US meant for govern ment users.

History of Amazon Web Services

It was officially launched in 2006 providing online services to the other websites and/or client-side applications. Most of these services cannot directly interact with the end users, which gives them functionality so that the services can be used by other developers in their respective applications. ASWs are accessed through HTTP, by means of REST and SOAP protocols. Bills of the services depend on usage. Measuring usage to prepare bills varies from one service to another. The first AWS, introduced in 2004 for public use, was a simple Queue Service. Amazon EC2 was created in Cape Town of South Africa. By June 2007, over 180,000 developers had signed up for the Amazon Web Services, as claimed by the company. In 2010 all retail web services came under ASW. After a series of ups and downs and up-gradation in May 2013, ASW was given an Agency Authority to Operate (ATO) by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Its customers include NASA, Pinterest, Obama Campaign, Netflix, Kempinski Hotels and CIA. In 2012, many websites using Amazon Web Services went offline due to some problem in Northern Virginia, where the largest data center of Amazon is situated.

Product List of Amazon Web Services

• Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) – It offers scalable virtual servers by using XEN.
• Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)- EMR enables businesses, data analysts, researchers, and developers in processing huge amount of data easily and cheaply.
• Amazon Web Services hosted  Hadoop framework to run on the web-scale infrastructure of namely EC2 and Amazon S3.

Networking Options

•  Amazon Route 53 is widely available and scalable DNS or Domain Name System Amazon.
•  Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)  provides a set of logically isolated Amazon EC2 instance that can be easily connected to an existing network system using a VPN connection.
• AWS provides reliable network connections with AWS data centers, allowing faster and more economic data throughout.
• Amazon CloudFront also acts as a Content delivery network (CDN) for object distribution to the “edge locations” that is near to the requester.
• Service storage is also provided by one of the Amazon WEB Services, called Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


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