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Watson Technical Aspects and Features

Watson Technical Aspects

IBM Watson Explorer is a platform for the development and deployment of enterprise information navigation and search applications, 360-degree view applications, and content mining applications.

The foundational components provide federated discovery, navigation, and search over a broad range of data sources and types. The software includes a framework for developing information-rich applications that deliver a comprehensive, contextually-relevant, 360-degree view of any topic for business users, data scientists, and a variety of targeted business functions.

The analytical components, which are provided in Watson Explorer Advanced Edition, help analysts transform information into insights through visualizations that reveal trends, patterns, anomalies, and relationships. The analytical components also enable custom and domain-specific text analytics, which can enhance 360-degree view and content mining applications.


Powerful indexing and search

Empower employees and customers by delivering the right information at the right time. Perform real-time search on structured and unstructured data, across many sources, to turn data into knowledge.

Advanced content analysis

Aggregate, analyze and visualize large volumes of unstructured and structured data to extract meaning, reveal hidden insights and patterns, and enable better decision-making.

Cognitive capabilities

Get more than just big data insights with cognitive capabilities, like natural language processing, machine learning, AI and next-gen APIs.

Application builder

Create unified information applications that bring data, analytics and cognitive insights together in one place, tailored to users’ roles, to improve employee performance and customer engagement.

Reliable scale and speed

Automatic index rebalancing across clusters and the ability to push data for indexing remove barriers of scale, support redundancy and reliability, and enable cloud-ready cognitive solutions.

Connect all available data

Securely access on-premise, cloud-based, external and internal applications and data management systems, and extract data for indexing, analysis and interpretation, to discover new trends and insights.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Keep data where you want it — on-premises or in the cloud to make your business flexible and future-proof.