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Enterprise Content Management

Creating memorable customer experiences – wherever they are online

i3solutions is extending our extensive experience in Content Management and Collaboration systems to allow you to bring personalized customer content and experiences to the audience you want to reach, regardless of medium, platform, and how many web properties you have. As a certified Sitecore ™ partner, i3solutions will help you manage all the content across your enterprise that you want customer, employees and other stakeholders to access, and provide it to them on your websites, social media sites, newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and anything else you can think of. What’s more, you now have the ability to personalize each customer conversation based upon individual preferences.

Many of our client organizations have created massive volumes of content for their customers, partners, employees and constituents. We’ve helped them organize and manage information, creatively collaborate, house and find information, yet the one challenge that continues to plague them is actually reaching their target audience and getting them to take action. The is the never-ending quest of commercial marketers in search of sales and business development as well as agencies trying to engage the public about key issues or provide information. If you’re reading this you know how difficult that challenge is in a world filled with thousands of other voices trying to reach your intended target’s ears.

The Sitecore platform provides that bridge between your content and your customer, and Sitecore 8.0 is one of the most advanced platforms we have found to enrich those interactions and deliver activity, content consumption, and sales.

Organization – Master database of all content in all forms, with the ability to push to hundreds of websites, social media outlets, and customer outreach campaigns. Use the same content for all customer interaction points, maintained and controlled in one place.

Integration – The Sitecore/SharePoint integration capitalizes on the governance, control and massive collaboration management of SharePoint, and the adaptive learning, customer engagement and personalization tools of Sitecore in order to reach audiences effectively, en masse, while still maintaining optimal control over enterprise content.

Customer Intelligence – Capture every customer with Sitecore’s Experience Profile and gain valuable insights with Experience Analytics to create targeted market segmentation, test and validate every approach, and personalize each customer experience dynamically, creating a truly automated and continual learning system for reaching the people you want to reach and drive conversions.

If you’re responsible for reaching more people across more channels with your enterprise content, and success is measured by their actual use of the information and the actions they take, you’ll want to give i3solutions a call and ask about our Sitecore ECM solutions.