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Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP)

Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP)

The Business-Critical SharePoint Partner Program
i3solutions has been selected by the Microsoft Corporation as a member of the Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) partner program. Business-Critical SharePoint is a Microsoft partner program aimed at identifying and differentiating software solutions/offerings that integrate SharePoint to line-of-business (LOB) systems to surface and share vital business data to improve business processes. In order to join this program, partners have to prove their ability to help customers maximize the value of their SharePoint deployments. Business-Critical SharePoint represents a significant step in elevating the standard for SharePoint-based solutions.

What This Means to You
For customers, Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP), is an approach that bridges the gap between SharePoint and LOB systems (CRM, ERP, PLM and more), and makes it possible to utilize information from siloed backend systems to drive more efficient business processes across organizations. Business-Critical SharePoint partners enable efficient companies to streamline their core business processes while leverage their existing IT investments and aligning them with their business objectives. This is achieved by surfacing LOB data in SharePoint and driving adoption and usage across the organization by utilizing the flexible and easy-to-use SharePoint user interface, in addition to leveraging SharePoint extensibility as a robust application platform. Implementing the Business-Critical SharePoint approach results in more efficient cross-team business processes, higher levels of adoption among business users, and a higher ROI on IT investments overall.

Connecting your existing LOB systems to SharePoint using i3solutions’ offering can help increase company productivity and performance by:

• Surfacing previously siloed business data
• Allowing users direct access to vital information
• Streamlining business practices
• Increasing visibility across teams
• Driving higher return on investment